Just some more depressing shit for ur pleasure and mine.

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All along the white housed lanes of suburbia there ran a chill. Not a winter chill. Or a chill of fear, no, just a shiver that ran up the collective spine. A housewife puking up schnapps in her basement shook while holding herself. A man twitched at his cubicle in the back of a supply depot, feeling too clean in his pressed suit and silk socks. A girl ran along the streets smiling, humming a tune of the summer sun and wind and suddenly quivered with goose pimples.

It was on this day that despair was born, and would become onto itself a whirlwind. It was on this day that despair showed itself to be inherent, like any other day.

A family is mutilated in the Sudan. Machetes whack through glistening jet skin. Open skies of thought funnel into narrow streams of agony. Screams of conquest echo through the still air. Intestines spill through soft twitching fingers onto the sun baked grass of the tundra.

The mother screams a grotesque animal pitch. Blood curls down her cheek and the wind carries it away. She sits amongst the barren corpses of her family, flies buzzing under the sucking light of the sun. Her sight pulls away in blotches of purple and she drops and becomes the dirt.

Concerning the picture of the veteran.

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In no way does that story have anything to do with the virtuosity of veterans. These men have gone through things I couldn’t dream of with my twisted mind. Although I do not condone their helping to murder other humans(protecting our freedoms) I have a respect for the hell they have gone through. And I do feel a small pang of guilt for putting this happy looking fellow with that gruesome story. But tis what it is.

Be easy.

The Substitute

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three-war-veteran-uss-constitution This year the senior class at Mt. Snow High is getting a special visit from a very special substitute. Parents excreting their constant torrent of anxiety complained that the kids were gaining no worldly culture at  school. The administration quickly decided the best course of action was to invite the always wandering town veteran to come in and lecture during a teacher’s sick day.

“Hello, my children. How are you today?” “My name is Mr. Rumplshnout.” “Mr. Johnson couldn’t come in today because he got in an accident, well to digress, when he was smoking a big old crack rock and thought his cock was shooting sparks into the transvestite’s anal pussy he was pounding, it subsequently caused him to throw her,  him, off. Heroic, really quite selfless, when he could have easily continued melting this hookers insides for the pleasure. Had a little too much herculean junk strength though. Smashed the windshield into the car, smeared blood and other alien juices all over.”

“Don’t act shocked little girl, I know usually he’d be in after just that. But the cops were called, and they showed up right when the PCP he took kicked in, wowee long story short he got his teeth smashed in, cops were hungry for a mouth fuck so… People aren’t normal. That’s for damn sure. Thusly nothing in a perfect world should be taboo. Do you grasp that?” “Oh gods spare me the blushing.” “You’re ideas are small, you’re greed has not yet blossomed into a life sucking tree that feeds off the feces dropped by other life sucking fecal fetal monsters.” “Tell me do any of you think you know what you’ll do when you’re older, little greed shrubs?” “Well never mind that, I’ll talk about myself a little bit.” “How nice it is to have fresh young ears to preach too.”

“While I was in Nam, cut off some chinks leg and ate it to the bone. Been trying to deal with the temptation of eating human flesh ever since. Got abducted by aliens twice, a third time I recently found out was my ex wife putting a rupee in my bourbon and playing with my ass dressed like a surgeon. The aliens were gentler.”

“Had my penis removed, replaced, enlarged and deflated, cut into 4’s and silicon injected to form a quadrangle sex organ. Little kids got scared by that, so I had fluffy hair from a panda’s snatch surgically transplanted. I’m hot shit now.

“Been with my share of minors, boys and girls, they all ask for it. Beg really. I can see it in your eyes now, some of you are hungry as shit. Nah, stay away I don’t think of it as sex, it’s like I’m draining all the innocence out. I know you’ll, eh hem, they’ll remember it forever. Like little flesh monuments to my animosity.” A little boy runs out of the room crying.

“Ha nah common I’m gentle. I’m not going to force the issue. Anyway, killed ten men outside of what I did in Nam. Savored five of them real good, cried after two, one being my papa, the other a boy I was diddling and just felt like strangling him. Another two were in bank robberies, one I served time for. Rest I killed in prison.”

“Don’t get me started on prison…Sniffed coke out of loaded shotguns, pissed in mouths of sleeping nuns. Uhg … Dropped acid inside the carcass of a lama. I’ve never really been human since then. Yes I brought tabs for all of you want them.”

“Once killed a whole swat team one after another in super slow PCP time, knife in knife out, brutal shit. Found out two years later, on the run in Mexico, I’d just mutilated all my cats.”

“Yes, Mr. Rumpleshnout’s in a bad mood today because he got booted from the blackened basement of the “Christmas fire house”. You know the one all the orphans melted to ash in, dreaming of snowy tits and bonking with ethereal ghost mothers under a neon Christmas tree.”

“What’s your name little one?” He points at cute freckled girl with his knobbly fingers twitching.

“Peggy Sue” she says indignantly.

“Come up here in front of the class with Mr. Rumpleshnout.” “You too, in the back, with the Hollister shirt. C’mon.”

They shuffle nervously to the front of the class.

“Everyone here knows that heroin gives people special powers right?”

“Yes.” The class moans hesitantly.

“Good” “Now Peggy Sue please blow this nice young lad here.”

“Never!” She yells in shock, the class trembles in mock terror. Mr. Rumplshnout takes out a shiny silver revolver and pistol whips her across the face. A molar flies across the room.

“You will do it now so I can prove my  point!”

She gets on her knees and the boy shaking takes out his man organ. The class seems to huddle together. A great fire of observation warms them from a shared center of primal want. They don’t whisper or blush. They just sit with pale faces and terrible white cloud eyes.

Peggy, overwhelmed with fear and terror, and lust, blacks out. The class watches  as her head bobs. As the boy’s skin wrinkles, pulling taught and paling. As Peggy Sue sucks all the flesh out of the boy, her stomach inflates like a balloon. A loose pile of skin and bones drops in a heap on to the floor with a sickly slurping sound. The sky outside blackens. Diseased  clouds swirl.

Mr. Rumplshnout lets out a roar of laughter. “You see my children, heroin is  divine light.” “With it you will find perspective. With it you will find truth!”

He dances a fiery jig on the pile of skin and bones that was  boy. Feet stomp splattering cartilage in a devilish syncopation. The seething of murderous thoughts from glistening child eyes begs to accent the snapping femur and rib cage.

“We are transcendental, transcendental, hi diddle ho.” He sings over and over again until the police deal with him.

The kids aren’t emotionally mutilated by the memory of the scene per say. More accurately the memory envelopes them and transforms them completely. Vile creatures, they lace like a virus through the future, reproducing and spreading. Until no family can say that a murderer or a rapist or a lunatic doesn’t lie nestled like a cat in their ancestral tree (Or perhaps they suddenly feel as though the taste of another humans struggle could be offbeat and interesting themselves). And so humanity like the crust of a pie in an old veterans slackened drooling mouth crumbles into acidic spittle.

How it is now. How it will be in the end.

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As I make the transition from childhood to construction. To filling the endless void with squabbles of perspective. I increasingly feel the need to break from invisible bonds. To those who observe with open eyes, these chains may be as plain as the sun. These things that nurture me like umbilical chords.

I have to go. Not just an excursion and then back to the dead winters, sucking comforts. I need to roam. Storms hang. It is out there amongst the sickness and loneliness that I will find ways to resuscitate the lost memories that  build a worldly mind.

Depression is slipping away slowly, giving way to comfort. It scares me, because I have thought that comfort is just rotting away. Yes it is, and  it is simply our nature to rot and wither. To watch minutes and miles role behind forever; but by becoming a connoisseur of personal interactions and cultures (the thickest gravmorocco_bus1y of existence), I know life will blossom into an ecstasy of interest, and whence in the end I go to rest, my interaction with this world will lie behind  like a thousand sensation smeared novels, never to be read by un-endearing eyes. Forever sacred, as beautiful a biological creation as the mangled chaos of the trees or the ocean universe. In that moment with all the doubt inside me screaming in frustration off the energy of my creation, I will be god, and my lonely journey will have passed triumphantly.

The Real Story of Easter

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Oh way back when, when things were simple and the air wasn’t the smog of industry. Back before time and mind made fetid the race of humans. When it was OK to pass a tendril of  gas through the rectum into the thin night air and no nostril would twitch, no mouth would open in protest.

In that day of the suns great glory, when semen did fly imperiously, there was a lady fair. A simple working woman with beautiful star smeared legs, big bountiful eye catching stocks. They glistened with sweat in the hot sun, sandals flopping down the roman hillside. A vision of lust for all soldiers and slaves to see.

Her husband, a burly fisherman, defended those statues with the ferocity of a madman; and a madman he was. Rumor was he once ate a man’s eye because the texture became suddenly impossibly appealing. He once ate his own feces it was whispered.

So vicious and cruel was he, no champion would think to try and steal his maiden’s hand, for she had been tainted and his mind had surely dripped poison into hers. It was cried along the walls and markets, palaces and brothels that the lady with the golden beauties, who ran hereabouts, had an unconscionable thing done to her by that madman. So terrible was the deed, she would henceforth be socially scalded, and was given the moniker “Shark Pussy”.

A year before a drunkards lip first quivered whilst speaking that slanderous name. That unquestionable golden beauty was exploring a grave. The dead were so peaceful she always had thought, so she left for the mausoleum that lay lonely, at that spot. There, upon a grave was engraved simply, “Jesus of Nazareth rests here eternally”.

Standing with golden legs rooted against the stiff breeze. Something moaned and stirred beneath her feat. A rotting arm did show itself then, and then a body, and finally a head. “I am Jesus Christ of Nazareth and my cock will inside you, fair maiden be spent.”

“Oh no Jesus I must be faithful, with my man there is no repent”

“Listen bitch I’m resurrected, freshly erected, been hungry in that grave.” So with no more words said, he took her and had her and made her his. “Yes I am Jesus and this woman is mine. No roman will cross the line, my seed did sow.” But words are just words, and hold no real power, so when the madman came home within that lusty hour,

a look did cross his face, like ice, like sleet, like horrible rain; and then he changed, and morphed again and again “Oh no, oh no Jesus he’ll kill us all, leave now, please save your holy self.”

“Well fuck I thought I was the man under god, but this guy is crazy so I’m going to split.”

“Goodbye Jesus she moaned.” As his sandaled feet scurried out the door.

She turned her head shaking and quivering so. “Please don’t hurt me, please, you know how I love you so.” He turned to her from a lost place and said “A Jew, not even a pure roman you did bed.”

“I know I am bad, he just seemed to shine.”

“You’d say that of every cock you could find.”

“Well I am doomed now to face the wrath I did fetch”

“Yes this is true, in fact I brought home quite a large catch”

“Why dear why do you discuss things so trivial.” And out of his pouch came a shark on the swivel. “Well sweet thing, lovely, you snake like cunt, this shark well…”

Oh that temptress with the long languid pig tails

With hearty rump and the open ocean eyes

She who runs hereabouts with breast bouncing high

Well she sir is tainted, don’t lend her an eye.

For those searching for groovy music.

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Amazing Albums:

Terry Reid – Riverriver

Terry Reid got offered the position of lead singer for Led Zeppelin, but turned down the offer and recommended Robert Plant for the job. It’s a good thing, because Terry although not going platinum like Led  Zep, was able to squeeze out some really  groovy music tailored, composed perfectly for his own rustic taste and amazing voice.

Derek and the Dominos – Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs


I know most of you  have heard the song Layla. I skip over that song when listening to this album. This is Clapton at his very best. Groove city. With  Duane Allman on slide guitar. There was a lot of heroin and heartache going on during the creation of this puppy. You can here the pain in the music. Clean groove, heroin blues. Great album.

Herbie Hancock – Inventions and Dimensions


This is my favorite jazz recording.  Turn it up loud and listen hard and it  can be like sniffing a line of coke, zone out and chill with some wine or a joint and it can be like snow flowing on a lazy day . Herbie is masterful. A+ album, no doubt, if you don’t like jazz you should still give it a listen.

The Congos – Heart of the Congos


Wow, WOW, how do you describe such a tribal masterpiece, really a sonic groove time machine to an island dimension. Its  a dub dream. This is the best reggae album of all time, hands down. Granted it might not be as easy listening as Bob Marley, it is just groovier on sooo many levels. Oh and how about that for an album cover, one of the best.

Can – Ege Bamyasi


This is indie-psychedelia from the 70’s. Really creative and trippy.  Some songs are combilations of  8 hour long jams recorded during acid trips.  But everything is solid and has a really nice groove. They got a nice fringe-punk sound going. Check it out if your into experimental music, or good music in general.

Strange Court Room Experience.

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“Court is adjourned, could the prosecution please approach the bench to perform sloppy fellatio.”  “Oh yes, I decree, you’re gums are so soft!”  “Would the jury please ahggggg, note how soft the prosecutions mouth is.” The bailiff looks over, all hungry and drawn. “I’ll let you get a piece of her afterwords Jim.” The convicted sits in his seat furiously masturbating, a noose tied around his neck , face turning a funny shade of purple. “My man you fucked up, You really fucked up. Lets get it over with. Jury take this man anally while screaming in his ear, thou shall not use lube.” “Ahgg almost there prosecution.”

The jury rises, swinging  over the wooden ledge like orangutans, muttering a stone age language of raw lust and blood. An old black jury member lets out an ear shriveling shriek and shoves his cellphone in the convicts rectum in one fluid swing”Fuck you white devil!” All the pasty  faced suburbians cheer in concurrence.

The victim  a hunched Chinese lady, who  was painting an abstract portrait of the scene in pastels,  screams “Enough!” She parts the jury insistently, stepping through a fence of  ready erections and slobbering cheap suited woman holding crude weapons. Made nasty from old sowing kits and razor blades.  “Enough, this is madness!” She promenades past the pungent smog of sexual frustration to the convict on his knees, blood pooling on marble tiles beneath is belly.

Judge Hamlin screams. The Prosecutor has gnawed through his scrotum and is now tearing tender bits of flesh off of his inner legs.”You shall not have you’re way with this man!” The Chinese lady slathers in the jury’s primordial tongue. “He will be punished in the  way of old.” The crowd exhales in excitement.  Shuffling backward with trembling legs. A piece of the judges scrotum drops out of the prosecutor’s mouth.

The Chinese broad drops to her knees behind the whimpering convict. Snarling and snapping at his red asshole. The crowd jumps with every sudden movement.  A freckle of time passes, and the little Chinese lady lunges.  Trees tear tiles away and sprout through peoples lungs, exploding flesh rain on the smashed pews. The ceiling caves in and crushes the judges skull. Chinese lady jumps with trained legs into the convict’s rectum and eats her way into his intestines.

The Old Black juryman’s cellphone starts buzzing inside the flesh cocoon and the Chinese lady naturally answers. “Hewooo”

“Who dis?”


“Who da fuck is dis?”

“Who is dis?”

“Oh lord have mercy, jury duty, jury duty!” “Just had to get that Asian pussy,  nasty motherfucker.” “Tell him I said one word, CASH,  he better be ready to pay up and payout!” “Oh and I want the fucking house, stupid bitch” She hangs up.

“Damn she sounded real angry!” the convicts voice echoes down through his intestines.

“yaw, very  scary black lady.” The Chinese lady shivers.