Desert Island Albums


Astral Weeks – Van Morrison

Van Morrison was borderline starving and homeless when he pulled together this album. This album is its own genre of music.  One of the most beautiful albums ever constructed. The poetry is ethereal. His childhood flows out of his subconscious like a winter flurry. The first and best of many stellar productions by Van the man!


Cheap Thrills – Big Brother and the Holding Company

This is arguably one of the best live recordings of all time. BBHC in their absolute prime. Janis Joplin lays down some positively breathtaking vocals. Slathering a blues drenched soul ripping blues cry. The lead guitar tears a lot of the songs to shreds. Complete chaos knife mind distortion. Nothing complicated, just hard grunge psychedelic blues.


Best of Buddy Miles – Buddy Miles

Where should I start? I almost didn’t put this one up, because it’s a treasure to me. I’ll make this a simple explanation. Buddy Miles was one of the funkiest drummers in the 70’s. Now match that with him having a voice that has the soul of an angel and the anger of the sun. Some of the most amazing blues session guitarists laying down world bending licks (Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix), that maintain that old black blues feel even with their speed and intensity. This is my favorite funk album of all time.


Legends of Acid Jazz: Boogaloo Joe Jones – Boogaloo Joe Jones

Boogaloo is one of the most interesting jazz guitarists. He lays down continuous licks. The whole album is filled with spontaneous guitar melodies that he masterfully shifts and invents. This is really clean jazz. But anyone listening can instantly tell it’s a masterful creation. The drumming is phenomenally funky throughout, really subtle and groovy. The sax has a way of tricking your ear, syncopating in a way you don’t expect. Boogaloo Joe steals the show though. He is a phenomenal guitarist. On a completely different level then most guitarists.


Apostrophe – Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa is weird. I don’t expect anyone to like him immediately. A lot of really good music needs to be listened to more than once to understand the craft. This is one of those albums. Instrumentally his band is very sharp and compositions are complicated and interesting. Frank Zappa is a really excellent guitarist, and maybe an even better composer. One would think he doesn’t take the music seriously with songs about stink foot, Eskimos shoving yellow snow in people’s eyes, and saint alfonso’s pancake breakfast. But the contrary is true, the music is great, once the listener gets past reveling at the oddities. When ever I’m sick of what I’m currently listening too, I always throw in Zappa. He never gets boring.

One Response to “Desert Island Albums”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard of Boogaloo Jones, and I only know Buddy Miles as the drummer for the Band of Gypsys…but, if you’d put them in the same list as Astral Weeks, Cheap Thrills, and Apostrophe, I’m thinkin’ they might be worth lookin’ for….

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