Just some more depressing shit for ur pleasure and mine.

All along the white housed lanes of suburbia there ran a chill. Not a winter chill. Or a chill of fear, no, just a shiver that ran up the collective spine. A housewife puking up schnapps in her basement shook while holding herself. A man twitched at his cubicle in the back of a supply depot, feeling too clean in his pressed suit and silk socks. A girl ran along the streets smiling, humming a tune of the summer sun and wind and suddenly quivered with goose pimples.

It was on this day that despair was born, and would become onto itself a whirlwind. It was on this day that despair showed itself to be inherent, like any other day.

A family is mutilated in the Sudan. Machetes whack through glistening jet skin. Open skies of thought funnel into narrow streams of agony. Screams of conquest echo through the still air. Intestines spill through soft twitching fingers onto the sun baked grass of the tundra.

The mother screams a grotesque animal pitch. Blood curls down her cheek and the wind carries it away. She sits amongst the barren corpses of her family, flies buzzing under the sucking light of the sun. Her sight pulls away in blotches of purple and she drops and becomes the dirt.

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