Strange Court Room Experience.

“Court is adjourned, could the prosecution please approach the bench to perform sloppy fellatio.”  “Oh yes, I decree, you’re gums are so soft!”  “Would the jury please ahggggg, note how soft the prosecutions mouth is.” The bailiff looks over, all hungry and drawn. “I’ll let you get a piece of her afterwords Jim.” The convicted sits in his seat furiously masturbating, a noose tied around his neck , face turning a funny shade of purple. “My man you fucked up, You really fucked up. Lets get it over with. Jury take this man anally while screaming in his ear, thou shall not use lube.” “Ahgg almost there prosecution.”

The jury rises, swinging  over the wooden ledge like orangutans, muttering a stone age language of raw lust and blood. An old black jury member lets out an ear shriveling shriek and shoves his cellphone in the convicts rectum in one fluid swing”Fuck you white devil!” All the pasty  faced suburbians cheer in concurrence.

The victim  a hunched Chinese lady, who  was painting an abstract portrait of the scene in pastels,  screams “Enough!” She parts the jury insistently, stepping through a fence of  ready erections and slobbering cheap suited woman holding crude weapons. Made nasty from old sowing kits and razor blades.  “Enough, this is madness!” She promenades past the pungent smog of sexual frustration to the convict on his knees, blood pooling on marble tiles beneath is belly.

Judge Hamlin screams. The Prosecutor has gnawed through his scrotum and is now tearing tender bits of flesh off of his inner legs.”You shall not have you’re way with this man!” The Chinese lady slathers in the jury’s primordial tongue. “He will be punished in the  way of old.” The crowd exhales in excitement.  Shuffling backward with trembling legs. A piece of the judges scrotum drops out of the prosecutor’s mouth.

The Chinese broad drops to her knees behind the whimpering convict. Snarling and snapping at his red asshole. The crowd jumps with every sudden movement.  A freckle of time passes, and the little Chinese lady lunges.  Trees tear tiles away and sprout through peoples lungs, exploding flesh rain on the smashed pews. The ceiling caves in and crushes the judges skull. Chinese lady jumps with trained legs into the convict’s rectum and eats her way into his intestines.

The Old Black juryman’s cellphone starts buzzing inside the flesh cocoon and the Chinese lady naturally answers. “Hewooo”

“Who dis?”


“Who da fuck is dis?”

“Who is dis?”

“Oh lord have mercy, jury duty, jury duty!” “Just had to get that Asian pussy,  nasty motherfucker.” “Tell him I said one word, CASH,  he better be ready to pay up and payout!” “Oh and I want the fucking house, stupid bitch” She hangs up.

“Damn she sounded real angry!” the convicts voice echoes down through his intestines.

“yaw, very  scary black lady.” The Chinese lady shivers.

One Response to “Strange Court Room Experience.”

  1. taxidriver35 Says:

    … funny you should mention this. Same thing happened when I did jury duty only the chinese lady was shorter.

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